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Now, here’s your first video: How to pick the vet that’s right for you

When you’re choosing a new vet, you need to pick very carefully. It’s important to build a long-term relationship with a vet and a practice, so you should pick carefully. This isn’t a decision to be rushed!

In this first video, David Bentley, one of the directors at Bell, Brown & Bentley in Leicester, discusses why you want your vet to get to really know your pet over its lifetime.

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We came to see Mr Bentley when our miniature daschund started losing her fur and looked as if she had a terrible skin condition. Mr Bentley tested her for every condition he could think of and took skin biopsies and did everything within his ability to try and find out what was wrong with her. He was very thorough, excellent in his research, excellent in his manner, excellent in his updates and results and prescribed the best medicines he could. Tilly dog is now almost 100% back to normal. Mr Bentley is certainly top of his field!

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