Spread the cost of your pet’s routine treatments and receive a free microchipping voucher


When it comes to the health of your pet you want the very best for them. You want them to live a long and happy life never having to worry about uncomfortable problems such as fleas and worms.

Here at Bell Brown and Bentley we’re just as concerned about your animal’s happiness as you are. We have therefore designed the Healthy Pet Club; a Pet Health Plan which enables you to take a proactive approach towards your pet’s wellbeing.

Instead of waiting for your pet to become ill and vulnerable and then need veterinary attention, why not take preventative measures? Our Pet Health Plan is a simple and affordable way for you to remain a responsible pet owner.

For a small monthly fee the Pet Health Plan will help you to keep your pet up to date with their vaccinations and flea, worming and parasite treatments. You will be reminded when each of these is due so that your furry friend never has to miss a treatment again.

Included in the cost of the Pet Health Plan, you will also be invited to take advantage of having your pet examined once every 6 months. This is the best preventative measure you can take regarding the health of your animal. The earlier diseases and conditions are diagnosed, the more likely successful treatment is.

We have teamed with Denplan who will handle your Direct Debit payments should you wish to join our Pet Health Plan. They will handle all administration, as well as send you a health plan that has been tailored to specifically meet the needs of your animal. By handling the paperwork on our behalf, Denplan allows us to focus our time on looking after your pet.

As an added benefit, we offer  free microchipping when you choose to join one of our Pet Health Plans. If your pet is already chipped we are currently offering a discount of 50% on  your booster or 25% off the cost of a full vaccination course if you sign up on the day.

If you’re interested in spreading the cost of your pet’s regular treatments and would like to speak to a professional about our Pet Health Plan, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can either visit us at one of our branches, or give us a call.

Have your pet cared for by the practice that has provided Leicester with indisputable animal care for over 60 years. Call our Leicester Forest East branch 0116 238 8100, our London Road branch on 0116 254 3255, or our Wigston branch on 0116 288 6638.

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We came to see Mr Bentley when our miniature daschund started losing her fur and looked as if she had a terrible skin condition. Mr Bentley tested her for every condition he could think of and took skin biopsies and did everything within his ability to try and find out what was wrong with her. He was very thorough, excellent in his research, excellent in his manner, excellent in his updates and results and prescribed the best medicines he could. Tilly dog is now almost 100% back to normal. Mr Bentley is certainly top of his field!

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