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Our practice originally housed a human surgeon 


Our London Road branch is located in a large, old Victorian house that was built in the 1850s. It is believed that the house was designed to cater for a human surgeon, who would also live there out of operating hours.

Previously to our ownership of the premises, a gentleman named Brian Potter ran a small animal practice from it single handedly. He lived above his practice in one of the many rooms of the house, and sold the business to us in 1982 when he retired after 20 years of service.

The size of the building provides us with a number of benefits, including a spacious operating theatre. Our theatre has some of the most advanced veterinary equipment and machines to enable us to conduct safe and beneficial operations for small animals. We have a range of diagnostic, surgical and dental equipment, as well as an X-ray, ECG, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, high speed dental machine and equipment to carry out Cryotherapy.

We appreciate that pets need somewhere calm and comfortable to rest when they’re in our care. We have separate wards for cats, dogs, rabbits and exotic animals to keep the peace, and ensure your pet is happy at all times.

Having an in-house laboratory is invaluable in cases that require medical results quickly. It often means that we can administer successful and effective treatment the same day conditions are diagnosed.

Our London Road branch is perfectly situated between our Wigston and Leicester Forest East branches. This means that should your pet need to be transferred between branches for any reason, they can be moved quickly and efficiently.


The London Road Team

Our London Road branch is run between veterinary director Colin Brown, and associate veterinary surgeons Laura Owen David Winspur. Together these three highly experience vets are able to offer exceptional veterinary care for your furry friend.

Supporting our surgeons we have a team of knowledgeable and dedicated veterinary nurses, student veterinary nurses and nursing assistants; Kerry Wright,Caroline Sturgess, Hanisha Valland, Amanda Walker and Harriet Green and Helen Marshall. Our team of nurses and nursing assistants are able to answer any pet-related question you may have, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have your pet cared for by the practice that has provided Leicester with indisputable animal care for over 60 years. Call our Leicester Forest East branch 0116 238 8100, our London Road branch on 0116 254 3255, or our Wigston branch on 0116 288 6638.

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We came to see Mr Bentley when our miniature daschund started losing her fur and looked as if she had a terrible skin condition. Mr Bentley tested her for every condition he could think of and took skin biopsies and did everything within his ability to try and find out what was wrong with her. He was very thorough, excellent in his research, excellent in his manner, excellent in his updates and results and prescribed the best medicines he could. Tilly dog is now almost 100% back to normal. Mr Bentley is certainly top of his field!

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London Road

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