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Video Otoscopy at BBBVet, Leicester

It is estimated that 25% of cases in small animal veterinary practice require treatment for pet skin and ear diseases. Despite the statistic making up a considerable amount of a vet’s daily work load, successful treatment is often hindered due to the lack of veterinary time available.


Because many different dermatological and ear conditions can look very similar to one another, each case a vet sees requires a considerable amount of time and effort. The vet needs to obtain a complete history of the condition, perform full clinical and dermatological examinations and carry out the appropriate tests.

David Bentley is a veterinary surgeon and one of the practice directors at Bell Brown and Bentley. He runs the Leicester Forest East branch of the practice and in 1994 set up Dermvet Skin and Ear Clinic.

Since establishing Dermvet, David has vowed to spend the necessary time required for diagnosing and treating cats and dogs with skin disorders. For the last 19 years, his specialist approach has provided pet owners in the East and West Midlands with invaluable treatment for their furry friends.

Intradermal skin test reactions at BBBvet leicester

Intradermal Skin Test- Erythematous wheals on top row (Histamine control on far left and at sites of house dust mites and forage mites in middle and right)

Our Leicester Forest East branch is one of very few veterinary clinics in the UK to use a Storz Video Otoscope. This specialist equipment has revolutionised the way we treat ear diseases, and has resulted in a considerable number of cases no longer requiring surgery.

As part of the Dermvet services at Bell Brown and Bentley, David also offers intradermal skin testing and serological allergy testing.

These test allow for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, a common allergic skin disease, with allergen-specific immunotherapy. This can control the symptoms of the disease by at least 50% in about 75% of dogs. We have also recently introduced laser therapy as an adjunct to treatment in treatment in chronic cases.

David has had a keen interest in dermatology for over 20 years. He gained the RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Dermatology in 1994, and has specialised in treating pets with skin and ear diseases ever since.

As well as his further education in dermatology, David is an active member of the British Veterinary Dermatology Study Group and the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology. He regularly attends conferences on Veterinary Dermatology both at home and abroad, and believes that these meetings keep him refreshed and up to date with the latest dermatological medical advancements.

Have your pet cared for by the practice that has provided Leicester with indisputable animal care for over 60 years. Call our Leicester Forest East branch 0116 238 8100, our London Road branch on 0116 254 3255, or our Wigston branch on 0116 288 6638.

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We came to see Mr Bentley when our miniature daschund started losing her fur and looked as if she had a terrible skin condition. Mr Bentley tested her for every condition he could think of and took skin biopsies and did everything within his ability to try and find out what was wrong with her. He was very thorough, excellent in his research, excellent in his manner, excellent in his updates and results and prescribed the best medicines he could. Tilly dog is now almost 100% back to normal. Mr Bentley is certainly top of his field!

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